Document Management System

Document Management System

Our Document Management System (DMS) is a web base application that built using Microsoft technologies. DMS is an application that runs on an SQL server. It can be installed and run on different platforms.
DMS easily captures unstructured information from any digital source. All collected information is stored, viewed, and used in a single workspace. This allows users to browse, enrich, and edit information collected from various sources from within a single application. Teams can enrich and modify shared documents by anchoring text discussions, editing information of any file type, and stapling a final document to all supporting materials.
Our Document Management Software has the following features:

  • Version control eliminates costs and mistakes associated with using the wrong version of a document or file.
  • Through a check-out/check-in function, documents can be versioned and multiple revisions of the same document can be stored and archived.
  • Our DMS offer you the flexibility to define retention policies that reflect the specific needs of your organization.
  • You can define as many, or as few, retention policies as you need.
  • Subscribe to document classes of interest to receive automatic notification via registered email address in the case of any modifications or specified events.
  • DMS offer you the flexibility to share documents with users outside your organization by using Share Document feature.
  • You can share document as an email attachment along with a personalized message or you can share on social media e.g. facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc.
  • Manage Permission is a smart and easy way to manage the specified document class permission.
  • Administrator can assign rights to these document class for public, users and groups.
  • At any time, system administrators can review comprehensive system audit reports containing precise and detailed information about all activities of the user and resource usage.
  • Folders provide one way to group and manage documents or data in a library or list.
  • You can add folders to manage and categorize your documents.
  • Folders are also an important way to ensure efficient access to items in libraries or lists that have many items.

Every document that is uploaded, contains its details. Like:

  • Creation/Uploading Time/Date
  • Author Name
  • Serial Number
  • Size in MB or KB
  • Document Version Number
  • Manage users at the domain level (All Users), organizational unit, through group memberships, or create your own customized filter.
  • Create custom views to show exactly the user attributes you want to see.
  • Manage user directory attributes for one or more users using standard GUI.
  • Through this feature, you can search any document, image, users, and every item in this application.