Breeder Management System

Poultry Breeder Management System

Our Poultry Breeder Management System is a full-featured Software with a user friendly user interface, which allows you to manage your Poultry efficiently. It is developed specifically for Poultry Farmers, Poultry Brokers, Egg Trading, Feed Trading, Chicken Trading, Feed Formulation, which is affordable, powerful, and easy to use. Poultry management software cover all which a Breeder,Layer And broiler poultry farmer thinking about his control Flock.for example. Less input more output. Account system Payable Receivable Sale Purchase Inventory Tracking. Also control flock system. From Day Old Chicks To Sale Eggs And birds. depletion summary and daily and weekly report flock wise and shed wise. Feed medicine vaccine disinfectant energy consumption daily and weekly reports. Eggs production summary weekly daily,flock wise a Glance on farm summary. Eggs sale and birds sale. Bird return against cost/bird. Profit eggs dozen and crate wise reports Standard vs actual comparison reports breed wise.and more then a farmer expectation. online demo also available.
Our Poultry Management System includes the following modules:

Breeder Management System

Breeder Software

Breeder Management System is designed for those industries who want to get high production from breeder/Layer batch. It monitors breeder/Layer farm and revert if any unnatural condition occurs.
This module is designed to record all the transactions and activities involved in a breeder farm, these solutions integrate Flock Performance, Purchases, Sales, Expenses, Feed Formulation, Feed Production and Accounting.
We are pioneers in the Poultry Breeder Software Industry in Islamabad, Pakistan.
Breeder Management System allows you to perform following tasks:

  • Breeder Farm Details
  • Breeder Flock Details Farm Wise
  • Breeder Shed Details Flock Wise
  • Breeder House DetailsShed Wise
  • Daily and Weekly depletion (Mortality & Culling) Report
  • Vaccination Schedules
  • Daily Flock Entry Details
  • Production Details
  • Mortality Ratio
  • Sales/Purchases Details
  • Feed Production Unit Details
  • Shed Details
  • Cost/Hen and Return/Hen Detail
  • Medicine and Vaccination Details
  • Hen House Production and Standards
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Periodic Reports
  • Standard Vs Actual Comparison Report

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